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International Circuits is your one-stop source for printed circuit board fabrication and PCB prototyping. We specialize in a convenient 24/7 instant online quote and order, combined with some of the best prices and widest range of capabilities in the industry. Our mission is to save our customers time and money by providing a truly efficient and novel way of purchasing high-quality PCB.
Special Offer: Prototype Series

Our 2-8 layer Prototype PCB Series offers the best value for small projects with a total area of up to 400 square inches.
  • As many boards as you can fit into 100 Sq. inches starting at $120 for 2 layer
  • Upload files and checkout online in minutes
  • High end standard specs included
  • Affordable adders, no hidden costs
  • No E-test or Tooling/NRE charges
Order With Confidence

At International Circuits we prioritize quality and a high level of customer satisfaction. All PCBs are ISO and UL certified and 100% are E-tested free of charge no matter how small the order. Our products also carry a warranty so on the rare occasion that they don't meet expectations, we'll replace your order with a new set of PCB free of charge. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your next PCB order.
Free DFM File Check

International Circuits is now offering a free DFM file check service. We'll look over your PCB design free of charge, with no obligations.

Send your gerbers to with "Free DFM" in the subject line and one of our engineers will look over your design to make sure they meet standard manufacturing requirements. You'll receive a non-automated, personalized report detailing any issues interfering with the fabrication your design. Your free DFM report will be sent to you within 24 hours and will proactively help you prevent any delays in manufacturing when your order is ready to be placed.
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