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International Circuits offers a virtually unlimited range of capabilities and tolerances. Our goal is to meet any demand placed within the scope of today's technology and to constantly develop our processes so that we can continue to supply an advanced level of capabilities and product reliability in the future.

If you do not see the required specification for your board here, please contact us. Through our strategic partnerships we have the ability to manufacture essentially any board you can design at the same competitive pricing you would expect from International Circuits.

For printable, and more detailed information on our fabrication capabilities PDF versions are available here:

ICI Rigid PCB Capabilities Brochure (PDF)

ICI Aluminum Capability Brochure (PDF)

ICI Flex PCB & Rigid-flex Capability Brochure (PDF)

Board AttributesDetails
CertificationsISO-9001-2000, UL, RoHS
Order Quantity Prototype to Full Production
Maximum Layer Count 42 Layers
Minimum Core Thickness Without Copper 0.002"
Maximum Board Thickness 0.450"
Overall Board Thickness Tolerance +/- 10% (standard) to +/- 5%
Layer to Layer Registration +/- 0.003"
Minimum Line Width/Space 0.002" / 0.002"
Minimum SMT Pitch 0.0025"
Minimum BGA Pitch 0.004"
Minimum Hole Size (Mechanical Drill) 0.008"
Minimum Hole Size (Laser Drill) 0.003"
Aspect Ratio 15:1
Via TechnologyBlind Vias, Buried Vias, Micro Vias, Tented Vias
Conductive/Nonconductive Plugged Vias, Via in Pad
Fab Technology/Special ProcessesCountersink, Counterbore, Routed Array, V Score
Jump Score, Heatsink, Edge Milling/Beleving/Plating
Plated Edges, Plated Slots, Controlled Dielectric
Class 3, BGA
Impedance Control Tolerance +/- 10% to +/- 5%
Copper Weight Range0.3 oz to 20.0 oz
Laminate MaterialFr-4, Fr-5, Aluminum, Arlon, Polyimide
Rogers 4000 Series
Surface FinishingHASL, Lead free HASL (RoHS), OSP (Entek)
Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, Carbon Ink
ENIG, Electrolytic Flash Gold, Hard Gold
Wirebondable Gold, Gold Finger, Peelable Mask
Solder Mask ColorsWhite, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Black
Matte Green, Matte Black
Legend ColorsWhite, Yellow, Red, Black
Our Standards Copyright 2012 International Circuits Inc. All rights reserved.
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