Heavy Copper PCB

These are printed circuit boards that have internal or external layers of copper that are 3 ounces (oz) or more per square foot. Extreme copper generally means 20 oz/ft2 to 200 oz/ft2. If your product needs high power or a stronger current, heavier copper layers should be used to help control the thermal output on PCB. The resulting more efficient product comes with a higher fee, of course, so make sure your product needs the additional ounces of copper to operate how you want it to.

PCB manufacturers are able to create more durable and more elaborate wiring systems with heavy copper compared to the standard, 0.5 to 2 oz/ft2 copper. This allows in the boards to conduct electricity more efficiently and also resist higher, more continuous thermal stress. Thermal management has become more of an issue as technology has advanced, and so using heavy copper layers allow for the heat to be directed away from more fragile components resulting in lower faulty boards and more durable, longer lasting boards.

Other advantages of heavier copper include being able to create physically smaller sized boards by via multiple weights on the same layer and the use of more uncommon materials to enhance the board’s quality and effectiveness. Heavy Copper usage may benefit in a board by simply adding the stabilization in a product, that standard copper along with other components may not be able to provide. However, it is always up to the customer’s design and purpose for the board. It is always a good option to look into heavy copper for your board.

It is our procedure to have our engineers and manufacturers run electrical tests for each board, and to answer any questions or concerns the customer may have to the best of their abilities. This additional due diligence is step we take at International Circuits to provide the highest quality of product and customer service.

Benefits of using Heavy Copper in a board:
  • Increased Durability
  • Increased range of current conductivity
  • Potential smaller board size from layering
  • Increased strength at connector sites
  • Ability to transfer heat to directed heat sink or elsewhere
  • Potentially fewer faulty boards/need for replacements

International Circuits has created up to 42-layer boards, but do not hesitate to send us designs with more layers – we’re always up for the challenge of pushing technology to its limits. Please visit our online quotation page or send your quotes to quote@internationalcircuits.com

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