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Ordering Information
International Circuits' Prototype PCB Series comes with ALL of our standard specs at no additional charge.
Here's how to order:
1. Divide the total square inches by the area of your design to determine the number of boards you will receive (Example: 100 square inch package and a 2 x 5 inch board would yield 10 pieces). Click the box next to the prototype package of your choice.
2. Need more options? Choose additional specs to enhance your circuit board in the adders section.
3. After you have made your selections, click on, "Add to Cart" to view the shopping cart and order total.
4. Click the checkout button to enter our shipping and billing page. Itís that easy!
For guidelines and restrictions on our prototype PCB series go here.

2-8 layer rigid prototype printed circuit boards flex prototype printed circuit boards aluminum prototype printed circuit boards  
2 layer prototype PCB 4 layer prototype PCB 6 layer prototype printed circuit boards 8 layer prototype printed circuit boards
2 layer prototype PCB
2 Layer
Printed Circuit Boards
2 Layers - $120.00
100 square inch
2 Layers - $135.00
200 square inch
2 Layers - $175.00
300 square inch
2 Layers - $210.00
400 square Inch
Non-Standard Adders
Thicknes: .031 $15
Thickness: .093 $30
Copper: 2 oz $35
Immersion Gold $30
Immersion Silver $25
Immersion Tin $25
Material: FR4 (TG180) $35
Trace/Space: 4-5 Mil $25
Min Drill (10 mil) $30
Routing: Tab/V-Score $20
Standard PCB Specifications
red_icon 8 Day Lead Time
red_icon Free E-test
red_icon Free PCB File Test (DFM)
red_icon FR4 (TG140)
red_icon Minimum Drill ≥ 12 Mil
red_icon Minimum Trace/Space ≥ 5/5 Mil
red_icon ≥.062 Final Thickness
red_icon 2 Side Silkscreen (Yellow, Red, Black, White)
red_icon Solder Mask (Yellow, Red, Blue, Green)
red_icon HASL or HASL Lead Free
red_icon IPC Class II
red_icon Shipping $25-$35
Standard Printed Circuit Board Specifications
add_to_cart_btn check_out_btn
add_to_cart_btn check_out_btn
Example Prototype Order
Sample Specs
Layers : 2 Layers
Material Type : FR4
Drill Size : 12 Mils
Trace/Space : 5/5 Mils
2 Side Blue Solder Mask
2 Side Yellow Silkscreen
Final Thickness : 0.062 inches
Finish Plating : Lead Free Solder
Lead Time : 8 Days

100 Square inch package

5 in. x 2 in. = 10 sq. in.

100 sq. in. / 10 sq. in. = 10 pieces

100 Square in
2 Day Shipping
DFM File Check
Total $155.00
Note: If you canít find a requirement here, require a faster leadtime, need more than 400 sq. inches or prefer working with one of our sales staff contact us at quote@internationalcircuits.com. We're glad to help!
Our Standards Copyright 2012 International Circuits Inc. All rights reserved.
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