Quality Assurance

We want to earn your business with our strict commitment to top quality customer satisfaction, and that means ensuring that every board we send to you is made to perfection. Quality is the core of all of our products. International Circuits applies a comprehensive procedure in the control of quality assurance issues. Our 100% quality guarantee is that every finished PCB has been tested and inspected from start to finish. Here is why we can make this guarantee:

  • We perform an E-Test on EVERY board we ship out, FREE OF CHARGE!
  • Automated optical inspections
  • Flying probe tests
  • DFM check
  • Quality control policies are implemented at every level of the fabrication process
  • Inspections begin from incoming materials all the way to the finished products.
  • We only used updated and highly maintained equipment
  • All of our circuit boards are UL Approved ISO 9001 certified
  • Test and inspections are only performed by qualified technicians

Other board houses ask you to buy an optional, usually expensive E-Test. At International Circuits, we perform an E-Test on every PCB before we’ll ship it out, free of charge. Why pay extra to see if something you have paid for actually works? We also have one of our experienced engineers run a free DFM check on all new part numbers before we begin fabrication to establish a defect-free design.

Our technicians constantly monitor each step of fabrication in order to minimize mistakes. We go through the same rigorous quality control process for every order so that we consistently produce zero defect products. Large or small, your order is important to us. We’ll make sure you get your PCBs just the way you want them. We want to be your #1 source for only the highest-quality printed circuit boards.

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