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Rigid PCB Stack Ups
The depicted stack-ups are considered our normal stack-ups for various layers and final thicknesses (.062 and under). Please note: final stack-up may differ based on customer design. If custom dieletrics/stack-ups are required, be sure to include them in FAB notes or an accompanying readme file.

Standard Tolerance of board thickness +/- 10%

2 Layer

2 Layer Circuit Board Stackup

4 Layer

4 Layer Circuit Board Stackup

6 Layer

6 Layer Circuit Board Stackup

8 Layer

8 Layer Circuit Board Stackup

Surface Finishes

ENIG PCB Surface Finish

ENIG surface finish is recommended for boards that require heavy copper (i.e. 3 oz and over). The nickel layer offers protection during the reflow process and wave soldering.

Silver PCB Surface Finish

HASL PCB Surface Finish

OSP PCB Surface Finish

Gold PCB Plating Surface Finish

Tin PCB Surface Finish

Our Standards Copyright 2012 International Circuits Inc. All rights reserved.
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